About Me

Sean is an individual with high enthusiasm and intensity. A love for Brand stories and Creative expression propelled him into the world of marketing – where dead facts are brought to life.

Now that Sean has his own crew of a great pirate ship, he steers the ship in search of brand equity for his clients. As a consumer himself, he is fascinated by brand stories in particular:
– ‘The Moon Watch’ which was the first watch worn by an astronaut on ‘Apollo 11 Mission’; and
– The Starbucks story of ‘Great Coffee’ that is meant to be shared with friends to help make the world a little better.

Leveraging from the idea kitchen of Lasalle, Sean converged his erudition with marketing strategies and implementation acquired from his work experience and Loughbrough University. Being a member of the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents (4As), Sean is constantly in the loop of ‘Advertising Breaking News’.

He sets his eyes on a range of mechanical watches and aims to own one by the end of his 5 year target. Through these years interest in these luxury watches grew as he fell in-love with the rich history and culture of these timepieces. Today, he has finally owned his first dream luxury watch and is quietly eyeing for a next one. Many may call this insanity (partly due to the high watch cost), but true Luxury Watch Enthusiast will call this – Watch Passion.

Sean is often challenged to solve the world’s issues – from the workaday to the epic. He believes in sharing watch stories, reviews, participating in luxury watch discussions, and all of what makes the mechanical watch world ticks.


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