Panerai PAM 000 vs PAM 112

Panerai PAM 000 vs PAM 112

Panerai PAM 000 vs PAM 112 I know is a topic covered many times directly or indirectly. But many are still confused over the minor differences in Officine Panerai watches. For those of you who are still not sure what is the difference between Luminor vs Radiomir, please feel free to read up more. But if you have decided to go for a entry level Panerai Luminor Base model that has simple dial, then it has to be either the PAM 000 or PAM 112.

So are the only differences between PAM 000 and PAM 112  in the dial, logo, and the display caseback? Or perhaps the differences in mechanism wise with PAM 112 Swan’s neck regulator (though both are ETA 6497 based). Let’s find out more in PAM 000 vs PAM 112.

Panerai PAM 000 vs PAM 112

Both PAM 000 and PAM 112 has “Base” dial which has only the hours and minutes hands without seconds hand and no date. To an untrained eye, either PAM 000 or PAM 112 will look almost just as good as some higher end model. But Officine Panerai watches are all about the subtle little differences that made them so attractive to Paneristi.

PAM000 vs PAM112
PAM000 vs PAM112

Panerai PAM 000

The PAM 000 is also known as the ‘Zero’ dial, is the cheapest Panerai model. It is loved by many for it’s crown bridge and for all it’s heritage feel. At first glance, the most obvious difference from the PAM 112 is the logo on the PAM 000 dial. Take a deeper look and you will notice that the indicators are decorated on the surface of the dial and has a humped like luminous material filled (like half of a sausage). This is known as the “Sausage” dial (aka Painted and applied dial, all the same). Though this is more straight forward, and some say less elegant, it is more true to heritage.

PAM 000 has a solid caseback which makes it a little heavier and it is run on a Panerai OP I Calibre (without the Swan’s neck regulator). The PAM 000 is more historically correct to the pre-v watches.

Panerai PAM 000 vs PAM 112 - PAM000
Panerai PAM 000 vs PAM 112 – PAM000

Panerai PAM 112

The PAM 112 is similar to PAM 000 in many ways, but in my opinion it seems a little ‘more dressed up’ in some ways. There is no logo on the PAM 112 dial, which gives it a cleaner, serene, and uncluttered look. Then you will notice the “Sandwiched dial”,  which means the dial has two plates with the lume material ‘sandwiched’ in-between the top and bottom plates. The top layer is black with the indicator emissary to allow the bottom plate to show through. Some feel that the “Sandwiched dial” glows more in the dark too.

PAM 112 has a see through display caseback, which makes sense for it’s Panerai OP X calibre (with Swan’s neck regulator). I really enjoy this open caseback, as the Panerai OP X just spruces it up with more decorated platines, blue screws, Côtes de Genève decoration on the bridges. The swan neck probably made it easier for a watchmaker to regulate as well. Otherwise, both OP I & OP X are equally solid.

Panerai PAM 000 vs PAM 112 - PAM112
Panerai PAM 000 vs PAM 112 – PAM112

Conclusion on PAM 000 or PAM 112

There is actually not much practical difference between the movements (one is just more decorated IMO). More emphasis are on the design and features with PAM 000 solid back and PAM 112 for sapphire open display caseback, the Sausage dial / Sandwich dial, and logo and no logo between the both.

It is amazing how much difference the logotype can make the dial as i think PAM 000 has a more sporty look because of it; while the 112 dial seems a lot simplier and less ‘busy’ overall. But many Paneristi would still prefer to have the zero logo more for historic reasons. As mentioned, the 000 will be more historically correct to the pre-v watches (they come in smaller batches though), and the 112 has the cleanest dial in the Luminor lineup. The PAM 112 cost a little more than PAM 000, but you can’t go wrong with either choice.

One thing for sure – Your life will never be the same again once you have owned your first Officine Panerai watch.

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