Explorer 2 Watch

The Rolex Explorer 2 Review

 The Rolex Explorer 2 Watch Review

Rolex Explorer 2 Review - Explorer 2 Watch
Rolex Explorer 2 Review – Explorer 2 Watch

The Rolex Explorer Watch series is often outshined by the Rolex GMT, Rolex Daytonas, and also the Rolex Submariner series. Some sees the Explorer series as undersized, less ‘shinny’ and thus, the lack of the ‘flash factor’. But The Rolex Explorer II (REII) has a sports aesthetic that gives excitement to its’ target audience. The Rolex Explorer 2 has all the ‘tool watch’ qualities without the ‘bling’. It is pure utilitarian and nothing too flashy. If you love a watch for it’s durability, over something that needs to be treated like a lady, Rolex Explorer is the watch.

The Rolex Explorer 2 Review on – The Bezel

Rolex Explorer II Review - The Bezel
Rolex Explorer II Review – The Bezel

When it comes to the bezel, we must mention the jet-back, bolded and engraved numbers that made up the brushed, stainless steel bezel. The stainless steel is made of brushed metal, giving it a subtle, alluring and classy sun-ray effect. Apart from the appearance, it is also a 24-hour bezel; giving it the ability to display two time zones. The local time is shown by the hour hand, while the 24-hour hand points to the graduated bezel reads the second time zone. Even the 12-hour hand can be set individually using the winding crown, switching from hour to hour without changing the minute and seconds hands in order to maintain accurate timekeeping.

The Rolex Explorer II (REII) Review on – The Markers and Hands

Rolex Explorer II Watch
Rolex Explorer II Review – In the mountains

During the day, Rolex Explorer II markers and hands are mildly milky white, which features broad hour and minute hands (not forgetting a 24-hour hand) that has  returned to the clear arrow contour and orange colour of the outstanding 1971 original. Comes night, the REII array high-contrast chromalight display on the dial unveils the horizon of visibility. A specular glow of blue illumes in the dark on the hour markers and hands. The luminosity lasts up to 8 hours (twice longer than stand luminescent materials) with a uniformed glow throughout.

The Rolex Explorer II (REII) Review on – The Movement

Rolex Explorer 2 3187 Movement
Rolex Explorer 2 Review – 3187 Movement

The Rolex Explorer II is armed with calibre 3187, a automatic mechanical movement developed by Rolex in-house. The key difference in the REII 3187 movement is in the 24-hour hand and an additional Paraflex shock absorber. Paraflex is a highly effective shock absorber (increase shock resistance by up to 50%) developed to protect important parts of the movement in particular – the balance wheel. Like all Rolex Perpetual movements, the 3187 is a certified Swiss chronometer, fitted with a Parachrom blue hairspring.

Rolex Explorer II Paraflex
Rolex Explorer II Review – Paraflex

The Rolex Explorer 2 Review on – The Bracelet

Rolex Explorer 2 Review - Watch Bracelet
Rolex Explorer 2 Review – Watch Bracelet

At first look, three ‘S’ words came to my mind on The Explorer 2 Bracelet: Stout, Solid, Stunning. The bracelet is a perfect mix of form and function, and it is also designed to be comfortable. The bracelet is also tapered, being leaner as it moves further away from the watch face. It forms a perfectly fluid line as they match separate pieces of steel together. These minor details adds on to the comfort of wearing the Rolex Explorer 2.

Some other functional features are the Oysterlock floding clasp, which prevents accidental opening, and the Rolex exclusive Easylink comfort extension link. This function enables the wearer to extend the bracelet length by around 5mm, providing extra comfort in any aspect.

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