Omega De Ville Tresor vs Rolex Cellini Collection

Omega Tresor vs Rolex Cellini

Omega De Ville Tresor vs Rolex Cellini Collection, which model would you pick? Or would it simply be a choice between the brands Omega and Rolex? Since both Omega Tresor and Rolex Cellini are the latest classy Dress Watches re-introduced at BaselWorld, it is worth taking a look at both. The question is which is better, Omega … Read more

Rolex Cellini Collection: Rolex Cellini Date, Time, Dual Time

Rolex Cellini Collection, Baselworld 2014: Cellini Time, Cellini Date, Cellini Dual Time

Rolex Cellini Collection deserves some special attention amid all Rolex watches, at Baselworld 2014. Never heard of Rolex Cellini series before? When we mentioned Rolex watch, most will think about Rolex sport models like Rolex Submariner, or other dressier models like the Datejust. But Rolex Cellini Collection is not a new series. Rolex Cellini 2014 is … Read more