Rolex Green Submariner 116610lv – Rolex Hulk

Rolex Green Submariner, Rolex 116610lv

Built on Submariner Date‘s Oyster Case, Rolex Green Submariner 116610lv is a symbol of waterproof and robustness. Introduced during Baselworld 2010, Rolex Submariner Green immediately gets its nick-name “Rolex Hulk” because of its color. The watch gets other associations like “Rolex Kermit” Or “Rolex Submariner Hulk” too. As a matter of fact, many Rolex fans … Read more

Rolex Submariner Date Review – Ref: 116610

Rolex Submariner Date watch

For Rolex Submariner Date Review, we are looking at Ref: 116610. This model represents one of the latest generation Submariner watches and are more commonly known as Rolex Submariner Date and Rolex Submariner No Date (Ref: 114060). The difference between the two watches should be clear, Rolex Submariner Date has a date window with a magnifier on the … Read more