Watches of Switzerland

Watches of Switzerland

Watches of Switzerland page is a luxury watch reviews pages on Switzerland watches. This page is targeted at watch brands that are not the mainstream luxury watches (e.g. watch brands like Rolex, Omega, IWC, and Officine Panerai watches). We aim to give some watch limelight to these Watches of Switzerland through our luxury watch reviews.

Switzerland watches (aka Swiss made) sets a basic standard of what is necessary for watches to be considered Swiss made. Often, Swiss watch brands is still vulnerable to its’ brand reputation and for this reason, the Swiss Federal Council starts regulating the use of the “Swiss”name for their watch brands in 1995. More details on Switzerland watches can be read at Official website of the Swiss watch industry.

Watches of Switzerland - Watch brand
Watches of Switzerland – Watch brand

Watches of Switzerland standards

Our luxury watch reviews on Swiss watch Brand are allowed only if the wrist watches are fundamentally watches of Switzerland or have been completely manufactured in Switzerland. To be considered as Switzerland watches, there are two main conditions for these watch brands:

  • The Swiss portion of the production cost must be at least 60%
  • The most important part of the manufacturing process must have taken place in Switzerland.

Switzerland watches through luxury watch reviews

Important consideration factor to buying Switzerland watches is not only going for the Swiss Watch Brands.You must first know your budget because a good Switzerland watch can cost anything from $1,500 to $5million. So it is a good idea to start with your budget range and stick to it. Next your should look under the dial to see if they are using Quartz movement (Battery-powered) or Mechanical movement. Mechanical movement are usually much more expensive that quartz as they have hundreds of parts and assembled by hand. Finally size matters: Different Swiss watch brands have different watch cases, and they can be from 36mm to 50mm mark. Depending on your wrist size, most men can fit for 42mm – 44mm.

Find out more about off-the mainstream watches of Switzerland through our Luxury watch reviews.

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